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Thank you for spending some time with me! I hope you find something here that brings you Joy, comforts your heart, inspires your soul, or stimulates your mind.

I am a Poet, Priestess, Songwriter, Singer, Mother, Mystic, Magician, Music Maker, Tantric, Teacher, Student, Aspiring Author, Playwright-In-The-Making, Ritualist, Thespian, and writer of esoteric musings about Life, Love, The Universe, and why people do the strange things we do.

For me, this is the beginning of an adventure to pursue my passion for writing, harness my voice and develop my skills, and share some beauty with the world. Walk with me a moment or two, and hear the Words Dancing on the Wind.

I Am The Light



The human world is unraveling
Splitting at the seams
An ill-fitted garment
Made of low-quality materials
A shoddy construction
Of questionable design
Stitched in sweatshops
To avoid regulations
For profits by exploitation
Threadbare and worn through
Patches over patches
As the designers scream
That there is no other way
To weave our reality
Pull a stitch here
Snag a hem there
As the human world unravels
We will all be laid bare
Truth will be naked
With no cheap clothes to wear
The Emperors exposed
For the whole world to see
While their Empires crumble
In the Great Unraveling.


I can’t remember the last time I felt so alone, with just a voice in my head whispering repeatedly, “I’m not okay I’m not okay I’m not okay I’m not okay.” Then tears that flow down my cheeks and I don’t know how to make them stop. I want to believe that this will end, I want to be optimistic and hold onto hope. Everyday I spend alone in my room it’s harder. Before Covid I was afraid that I would live my life alone, now it’s Covid that has made me understand that alone is relative and there are always deeper levels in the hell of aloneness.

I don’t know when this suffering will end for Humanity. And I don’t know when this will end for me. I don’t know when I will be freed from my bedroom. I feel like a princess locked in her Tower, the dragon’s name is Covid and the princes have all disappeared.


I’m just sad

And I can’t escape this sadness

This sadness that feels

Like the beginnings

Of madness

This despair that flows

Through my veins seeping poison

Into my cells

Drops of pain, heavy lead

Seep from my brain

My heart slows


A smile on my face


Eyes once light filled

Dim into dull greys

Despair is a creature

That lives in my mind

Feeding on hope

One bite at a time

But faster than my soul

Can regrow

What Matters

In life the only things that really matter are – How much we love, how kind we are, and how our actions affect the lives of others. No one’s perfect, we all make mistakes and have bad days, get frustrated, forget to consider others. But overall, we are here to love each other and help each other. When I’m living that way, is when I’m happiest and have peace in my heart. ~ aurora winddancer

Unkind Fates

Through time and space

You have my affection

and friendship…

And if it means anything,

I wish we lived near one another

So that we could see into the windows

Of each other’s souls over tea.

What fickle fates

That one who could truly love me

And see my soul

Would be unreachable to my hand

And unkissable to my lips


Carefully gathered
One microscopic mote
At a time

Small morsels
Painstakingly pieced
Binders and fillers
Holding tight

Empty plate
Nutritionally void
Pretending to be
A feast

~ by aurora winddancer

~ inspired by @pierrejeanty

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Headstrong Heart

I wear my heart out on my sleeve
As there’s nowhere else to put it
My chest is over filled with
The sorrows of my past

I’ve heard it’s better to grieve
Than to continue to carry it
I’m not sure I would survive
If I let myself cry at last

Most likely drown in a river
Of salty tears, swept away like Alice
Wishing I had not cried so much
When I was nine feet high

My heart insists on being a giver
Unable to contain anger or malice
Asserting it has no need
To return to my chest and hide

I wear my heart out on my sleeve
It refuses to live within the confines
Of protective ribs and guarded sorrows
Though tattered and bruised it may be

Wrapped in strands of magick I weave
Each day to hold it together in times
When loving leaves it bleeding
Yet my sleeve it refuses to leave

~ aurora winddancer