Fuck Me Poetically

A Deeply Spiritual Esoteric Sensual Love Poem

That Starts With the Word “Fuck”

Fuck me Lover

Into a million pieces

The way that only you can

When you are moving inside of me

Your body connects with that one place

That one spot

You don’t just take me

Over the edge of a cliff

You shoot me off the planet

Out of the stratosphere

Beyond the Moon

Out into the Stars

Where I am dancing with Comets

Surrounded by Darkness

Filled with Light

Until I explode beneath you

Surrounding you

Drowning you

In the bliss you have created for me

My body convulsing

Quaking, quivering

I have no control

There is no Ego

There is no Self

There is only Light

Dipped in Colors

Wrapped in Warmth

Drenched in Pleasure

Covered in Sweat

Echos of pleading sighs and moans

Total Surrender

To what Is Truth

In that Moment

What is Real

True Love

With You

Take me there again Lover

Higher, ever higher

Break down all the walls

Between us

With the strength of our passion

Let the barriers we imagine

Burn in the fires that consume us

Every touch of You on my skin

Shoots a thousand pinballs

Of Joy through my being

Lighting me up

As you win the Jackpot

And an extra life or two

Hold me tighter Lover

Pull me closer

Push deeper into me

Deeper into my body

Deeper into my heart

Deeper into my soul

Cause when you make me lose

myself in your touch

That’s when I find myself

In your arms, in your eyes

When I see reflected back to me, from you

All the Love, Joy and Adoration

I feel within me, for you

And I know that This,

This is what we come here for

This is why we incarnate into this world

This is as close as we ever come in this life

To God

To the Divine

To the Truth

Of Who We Are

When we Love

We Are Love

We Are One