Towers Fallen

Earthquakes rumbling
The pieces of my life began to fall
As I desperately tried to hold up the walls

Foundations shaking
The hard built Towers of all I’ve held dear
Disintegrated around me revealing my fear

Battered, bruised
Bleeding, contused
Cut by each illusion
As they shattered to the ground
My cries of sorrow hidden in the sound

My Spirit Awoken
The losses piled up in heaps of dreams
Lost to the reality that nothing was as it seemed

My hopes burst like bubbles
A broken heart standing in the dusty remains
Understanding that nothing will ever be the same

Let it go
Let it Go
Let the tears of grief flow
Step out of the ashes of these broken Towers
Walk away from All that steals your Power

Be Free
Come child now walk with me
There’s a better day for you coming
Walk now towards your own Becoming

#Poetry #WordsDancingOnTheWind#WindDancerWritings #aurorawinddancer#tarot #tower #loss #lettinggo#acceptance #change #strength #power35616946_254047128698974_3015028833762934784_n

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