Run with me
How wild can you be?
Can you taste the dirt
Beneath your feet?
If I strip away down to nothing
And dance in the rain
Will you shake your head in disapproval
Or dance naked and free?
If I get lost in the woods
Will you play hide and seek?
If I howl at the moon
Will you sing the wolf song with me?

Play with me
How wild can you be?
Can you touch the place
Where desire burns free?
If I bare my Soul before you
And stand in naked vulnerability
Will you reject the Truth I offer
Or accept the Goddess within me?
If I show you the Divine secrets
Will you embrace the Sacred Beauty?
If I reveal to you my Magick
Will you bathe in the Energy?

Make Love with me
How wild can you be?
Can you open your heart
To the possibilities?
If I pour the Love within me
Over you like honey, warm and sweet
Will you lick the Joy from your skin in delight
Or complain that my love is sticky?
If I give you the greatest pleasures
Will you be grateful to be drenched?
If I trust you with my heart and soul
Will you cherish them as Gifts?

Come dance with me
How wild can you be?


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