There’s this restaurant
I go to often because they have
The most Amazing menu
Of decadent delicious choices
That make one’s mouth water
With desires and cravings

When I pass by the windows
I cannot help but be lured in
By the sights and sounds
Of the patrons enjoying their meals
They always look so happy
So nourished and filled

Before I know it,
My hunger is leading me
Through the doors, into the space
Of dimly lit candles
Romantic atmosphere
Couples whispering their pleasure

The staff look at me with distain
Their raised eyebrows mocking
“You here again, alone I see,
Table for one? How enlightened…”
I am led away from the candles
To the kitchen in the back

The lights here are glaring
The sounds of working fill the air
As I sit in my usual place
At the table with one chair
The smells of full course meals
Drifting in the air make me hungry

An exasperated server brings me water
Not wine, and a piece of paper
Smudged with oils and sauces
I sigh, “Please, just this once
Could I see the full menu?”
Their eyes roll, “You know the rules.”

My eyes fill with tears,
“I’ve been coming here for years,
I never complain, I always tip well
I’ve done dishes and mopped floors
Served patrons til my feet are sore
Couldn’t I please just once have more?”

“You’ve been coming for years,
We don’t understand why you’re here.
We humor you with leftovers
Out of pity that you’re lonely.
But you’ve always known dear
Full experience menus
Are for couples only.”

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer
October 7th, 2018

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