Wunderland Cake

Wunderland Cake

My heart is like a Wonderland cake
Whole and sweet on an offering plate
I hold it out to each person who appears
“Are you hungry, are you empty?
My love is here”

Let everyone take a slice, til their need is met
And the plate is empty, no pieces left
My heart divied up to fulfill every need
But oops, I forgot to save a slice for me

Yet the plate is replenished
The heart cake renewed
Each dawn it appears
like the morning dew

First you serve the cake, and then you cut
There is no knife needed to divide the heart
Let each take their fill, without concern or guilt
Certainly this infinite source cannot be used up

My heart is like a Wunderland cake
Served up on Alice’s offering plate
Let the Lion and the Unicorn
Place down their arms to feast

For there is no cake sweeter,
for man nor beast.

~ Aurora WindDancer
August 13, 2017
#poetry #poems #wonderland #aliceinwonderland #heartache #poetryofig #poetryofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity
#wordsdancingonthewind #winddancerwritings

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