Teach Me To Love


Teach me to Love Unconditionally
To love without want or need
Without compromising
Who I am for who you are
To accept your love
Like the light from the stars
A vibrant shining constancy
That requires nothing from me
But to let it shine freely
To love in the center of peace
To love from the center of our Being
Where our Light flows brightly

Teach me to Love Unconditionally
Without feeling hurt or sad
Without feeling less or bad
About who I am
Without the echo of ‘Unworthy’
Rolling through my mind
A memory of an unloving voice
Shouted into my heart
In some childhood time
When pain was all I knew
And I had only a faint hope of you
To carry me through

Teach me to Love Unconditionally
With the courage to stand strong
To stand True to myself
When I stand so naked,
Vulnerable, In front of you
Naked with all my clothes on
You see straight into my Soul
When you look into my eyes
I think you know this,
Because you don’t look often
As though my Soul is too much
For you to see, So deeply intimately

Teach me to Love Unconditionally
Without fear, or perhaps instead
Accepting fear, embracing fear
Facing fear with gentle compassion
Understanding that when we say Forever
Without expectations of what forever is
We mean our bond is Eternal
Ever flowing, growing, evolving
We dance together infinitely
Only the songs end,
So the next song
Can begin.

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer
© April 3, 2018
#Poetry #WordsDancingOnTheWind #Muse #Love

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