Love Me Hard

Love me hard
Til there are no screams left
Til the poisoned apple
Falls from my lips
Til I awaken, quaking
Gasping for breath
To your teeth at my lips
Hands possessing my hips
Love me hard
When the spirits move me
Then gentle my soul
Comfort and soothe me
Love me hard

Love me hard
til I lose my breath
and the ties that bind me start to fray
til I am freed of all that’s holding me back
in your arms I’m flying
sweetly softly sighing
Love me hard
when I’m calling your name
I’m filled with desire
please come play my game
Love me hard

Love me hard
til there’s nothing left
of the fear inside that I must break
til I am aching yearning burning in flames
drowning in desire
passion’s sweetest fire
Love me hard
when desire consumes me
then gentle my soul
comfort and soothe me
Love me hard

~ aurora winddancer

From the Imagine album