We Have a Problem

Houston, we have a problem…

We have a problem with hate,
We have a problem with fear,
We have a problem with white men
Who are so consumed by hate and fear
That they look for their solutions
Down the barrel of a gun

We have a problem with greed,
We have a problem with entitlement,
We have a problem with beliefs
In a supremacy based on valuing
Skin tone pale and phallic genitals
Over honorable behaviours
Masking fragile mediocrity

We have a problem with power
We have a problem with wealth
We have a problem with rich white men
Spending centuries telling poor white men
That at least they are still better
Then black or brown men
And better than all women

We have a problem with oppression
We have a problem with exploitation
We have a problem with politicians
Increasing our problems with manipulation
Fanning the flames of hatred and fear
Spreading misogyny and racism
To maintain their power and control

We have a problem with insecurities
We have a problem with aggression
We have a problem with testosterone
That floods unhappy men with rage
At all the things they aren’t getting
That they’ve been told they deserve
Just for being men, and white

We have a problem with phallacy
We have a problem with cultural norms
We have a problem with “boys will be boys”
Watch out! Black men will take your women!
Watch out! Brown men will take your jobs!
Say the Rich men, while they take everything
Leaving angry poor white men

Only their guns and their rage.

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer
August 7, 2019

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Boy Bye

*eye rolls* a real conversation I had that led me to cancelling a date. WTF?? English translation below for those who don’t speak French.

Translation :
Me – what is the address?
Him – could you bring a marguerita pizza with you?
Me – you want me to bring a pizza?
Him – Yes if possible
Me – you want me to come to your house And bring you a pizza on the first date?
Him *several minutes later* Never mind
Me – I don’t think you know how to treat a lady. I decline your invitation. Good bye.

2 hrs later he texted me his address as if he thinks I’m still coming over.

2 hrs after that he texted me that he was off work

1 hr after that he *Finally* got the hint and texted me “Wow. Really?”

I did not reply at all, and deleted him from my phone.


Would I feel a little bit less


If I let you undress

Me, slowly

Removing the layers

Between my body and your


If I give you what you desire

You judge my generosity


If I deny you what you want

You vilify me for having


The question of trust when undressing

Is balanced on the core truth

Within you

Where you respect me both naked

And dressed

Regardless of whether you get

Anything at all

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer

What Is Love…

What is Love but this?

The shining reflection of our greatest hopes and dreams,

the fleeting shadow of our deepest fears and longings,

the encouragement of our noblest thoughts and deeds,

the Muse of our most beautiful poetry,

the purpose of our breath’s existence,

the Light that leads us to transcendence,

the precious jewel we both live and die for,

the call to feeling we simply cannot ignore,

the shattering of hubris and vanity,

the rising tide of delightful insanity,

the power that clears out all corruption,

the returning life after destruction,

the source of all security,

the common ground of our humanity.

Let Love not hide behind walls or fences,

let Lovers not fall to false pretenses.

Be brave, courageous in your Loving,

there is not a finer way of Living.

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer

Quantum Woman

The observer defines
The observation in their mind
What am I to your eyes
How am I defined
A particle of Light?
A wave of emotion?
A goddess in the night?
A siren in the ocean?
What do you see, oh scientist
What do you make of magick
What do you observe, oh agnostic
What do you call enchantment
Attempt to predict what I will do
To your heart’s content
I will delight in astonishing you

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer
© June 13, 2019

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