David Revealed

Sheer Perfection
Instantaneous Reaction
Dangerous Addiction
Sweet Torment of Perdition

Michelangelo Would Weep
To See His Greatest Work Compete
With Such A Form Complete
Should David And David Meet

Many Visions Of Beauty And Grace
The Gods Create In Their Sacred Space
Few Can Compare In Form Or Face
To The One Who Held Me In His Embrace

Hold Fast To The Memories
What Was Seen With The Eyes
Fingers Traced From Chest To Thighs
Make Evermore The Heart More Wise

When I Am Old And My Body Aged
I Will Look Back Upon My Youthful Days
Remembering How David Swept Me Away
And Michaelangelo Had Nothing To Say

#poetry #michaelangelo #david#nudebeauty #masculine#WordsDancingOnTheWind#WindDancerWritings #Muse#masculinebeauty34983134_301047277101454_8535899028628439040_n

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