Love Song For The Story Teller

Tell me stories in real time
As you’re walking, as you’re talking
As you’re living your life
Describe the scenes and moments
You pass through as you
Travel through Time

Speak to me in words
That nourish my soul and feed
My mind, paint your thoughts
Across the canvas of my imagination
And bring to life for my view
The experience of being You

Share your journeys with me
Twine your stories into mine
Let the unexpected futures
Unwind before our awestruck eyes
Be the companion and the guide
And the lost Soul searching for home

Speak to me in colors more vibrant
Than the spectrum I can know through
The limited perceptions of my vision
Reveal to me the secrets of the Universe
Held within the reflection of my eyes
Staring back at me from yours

© ~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer
May 29, 2018

#WordsDancingOnTheWind #Poetry #Muse #Inspired #SoulSpeaking #aurorawinddancer #love #journey

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