21st Century Tantrics

21st century Tantrics
Co-creators of Reality
Reality Hackers
Will goes out like code changes
to the matrix, rewrite, rescript,
reimagine, see the story line
as it flows forward toward them
through time, just a few moments ahead,
just enough tilt on the perspective angle
to see enough of the flow in advance
to rewrite, rethread, rearrange the code,
the story, the out pouring flow of Reality
like paint spilled across a floor.
Reimagine what is possible.
Change the story.
Wake up more hackers.

#Poetry #tantra #tantric #tantrika#highpriestess #meditation#automaticwriting #inspiration#higherpower #bethechange#WordsDancingOnTheWind#WindDancerWritings #aurorawinddancer


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