Some drugs

you only have to try once

to be hooked completely

So it was for me

I have been addicted ever since

The first taste on my lips

Of your kiss

There is nothing else like it

Nothing in the world

That leaves me so helpless

Such a High I get

Racing through my blood stream

Rushing me into ecstasy

I am addicted

Craving, longing, aching inside

Waiting desperately for my next fix

Thoughts of your lips consume me

The feel of your tongue

Dancing against my own, tasting, teasing

Leaving me breathless, melted against you

I want no cure

Let me keep my fixation

Offer me no substitutes or therapy

Nothing else can satisfy my needs now

Only you, and the look in your eyes

As you move closer to me, leaning in

To taste the sweetness of our mouths

I Love this addiction

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer