Goddess of Love

Venus, Shakti
Isis, the Great Mother
Inanna, the Great Lover
High Priestess of the Temple
She smiles with a dimple
Hips rolling as she walks
Voice singing as she talks
Innocence, confidence
Love and Light Radiance
Eyes dancing
Lips entrancing
Hair blowing wild
Plays like a child
Fires burning
Desires yearning
Passions growing
Intimacy knowing
Sweet scent of flowers
Aura filled with power
One taste will quench your thirst
Leaves you burning for more of her
She walks in, people stare
Her energy zinging through the air
Love Goddess in human form
Sun and moon and lightening storm
Earthy sensual healing touch
So often told she is “too much”
Mortal men cannot stand in her Light
She chooses only a God to Love her all night

#Poetry #lovegoddess #Goddess #Love #highpriestess #tantra #aphrodite#shakti #WordsDancingOnTheWind#WindDancerWritings #aurorawinddancerafrodita

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