A Son’s Poem

This came up in my FB memories today. My son Westley wrote this poem about me for a school assignment in Jan 2018. πŸ’–πŸ˜­πŸ’–

Poetry assignment for class:

Westley Black
English 10

My Mother

My mother is a goddess
She is the rain, and the sun
The moon and the stars
A mother to a child is home
The first arms you ever laid in
The first house you ever lived in
Her body is a temple like yours and mine
She taught me the power of β€œNo”
And the strength in β€œYes”

Her heartbeat is like the drum of the world,
It moves to the sound of the universe
She is a mother, and a sister
An aunt, a friend,
A witch and and a priestess.
A playwright and an entrepreneur
She is strong yet gentle,
She is powerful and yet humble
Her life flows like the river
Rushing and rapid, then calm and deep
She is a child and woman,
A leader and an anarchist
She is all of these things and more
Because she struggled
Her life is neither all dark,
Nor all light
But she is light
Because she chooses.

Published by

Aurora Victoria WindDancer

Poet, Priestess, Songwriter, Singer, Mother, Mystic, Magician, Music Maker, Tantric, Teacher, Student, Aspiring Author, Playwright-In-The-Making, Ritualist, Thespian, and writer of esoteric musings about Life, Love, The Universe, and why people do the strange things we do.

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