My life feels like a circus sometimes
So many feats of impossible acts
Happening simultaneously
In every direction you look
I am surrounded by them
Each one more edge of the sword
Dangerous and uncertain of success
Than seems possible to comprehend
I watch them all around me
From the still center where I breathe
Standing in the air, on a tiny platform
High above the chaos on the ground
In the midst of the soaring performers
Flying through the air, grasping at straws
Trusting that the connection will be made
In the nick of time that will stop their fall
From taking over their flight
I breathe in that center and understand
That each performer is an aspect of myself
Each act in Perfect syncronicity
They flow in and out of each other
Always on the brink of stumbling
Tumbling, tripping each other
Collapsing the whole structure
Of interdependent responsibilities
Tasks, desires, dreams, actions
Words, thoughts, emotions and relationships
One missed step, in the 3,000 things at once
Could trigger a domino effect
A massive implosion rippling into lives
From the center I breathe and watch
Observe, breathe, quiet, calm, steady
In, 2 – 3 – 4, Out, 2 – 3 – 4
The rhythm flows me to center
Reconnects me with my Self
As the Master conductor of this symphony
Notes, beats keeping time with the music
Inside, with the timing of the dance
Outside, with the beating heart following
The Intentional direction of the breath
With the focused center of the Will
There is a moment, and then another
And my breathe counts them out
And then the bar is swinging towards me
And like every woman learned to do
As a little girl skipping rope, double dutch
My arms lift up, my knees flex,
My feet lift off and I am soaring towards
The trapeze, my timing must be perfect
I can not be off by a second
There is no net beneath me
My hands connect, grasping at the bar
I am pulled in the direction of the next release
And in that moment between,
When my hands have some firmness to hold
On to, when I am briefly held up by something
More than just my own strength
As my fingers wrap around the bar
I exhale * ~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer
October 11, 2018

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Published by

Aurora Victoria WindDancer

Poet, Priestess, Songwriter, Singer, Mother, Mystic, Magician, Music Maker, Tantric, Teacher, Student, Aspiring Author, Playwright-In-The-Making, Ritualist, Thespian, and writer of esoteric musings about Life, Love, The Universe, and why people do the strange things we do.

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