If I die tomorrow
Would I be content
With the lives I have touched
With the kindness I’ve given
To those I have loved

If I die tomorrow
Has what I’ve done and given
To the world been sufficient
Have I accomplished my missions
Can I justify my existence

If I die tomorrow
Have I Healed more than harmed
Given more than taken
Provided some inspiration
Helped others to awaken

If I die tomorrow
Knowing the world is not yet
That “Better World” we dream
Have I done my part to help
Continue the Great Healing

If I die tomorrow
Will the Beloveds I’ve left behind
To continue the peaceful fight
Have what they needed from me
To fully Shine their Lights

If I die tomorrow
Can I step into death with Grace
Knowing I’ve done all I could in this lifetime
I’ve left Humanity better than I found it
And perhaps the world a better place

If I live tomorrow

If Death puts down Her tea
If She smiles and chuckles at me
And leaves me yet to breathe
How can I love and live and give best
With the time I have left

So when she visits me next
I will know I am ready to go
If next time I must die tomorrow

~ Aurora Victoria WindDancer
© April 6th, 2017
#Poetry #Mortality #Mindfulness

**Original title Tea With Mortality – gratitude to my friend Logan for the amazing new title 💖 **

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