Qualities That Qualify

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A while back one of my best friends advised me to sit and really think about, and write down, what qualities I value in people, and what I find attractive. I resisted at first, but she said to me "You should do this so that you'll have clarity on what's really important to you, and what you feel makes a person a positive healthy connection – so that when you meet someone who aligns with your values you'll recognize them." So I did. Here's my list of #QualitiesThatQualify Integrity, intelligence, wisdom, humility, kindness, compassion, trustworthiness, authenticity, strength in the face of adversity, the courage to be vulnerable, curiosity, drive to accomplish their dreams, willingness to do the work of becoming the best version of themselves they can be, a love of learning, a desire to serve and give back, passion for what truly matters to them, self mastery, strong ethics, a person who reads and pursues knowledge, is interested in science, philosophy, history, and can sustain thought provoking conversation. Depth. An open mind, an ability to listen for understanding the other person. Spiritual awareness – in any form that helps them grow and feel connection to the world around them and to themselves. A man who lives his life standing on his own two feet, with a smile and confidence, facing a Universe that can crush him in a million ways. Personal power. I don't care how beautiful the packaging is, if there's an empty box inside. But a person with those qualities is Gorgeous, no matter what they look like. #Values #SelfWorth #SelfLove #relationshipgoals

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Aurora Victoria WindDancer

Poet, Priestess, Songwriter, Singer, Mother, Mystic, Magician, Music Maker, Tantric, Teacher, Student, Aspiring Author, Playwright-In-The-Making, Ritualist, Thespian, and writer of esoteric musings about Life, Love, The Universe, and why people do the strange things we do.

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